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Who Are We?

The MR-CFD company has a long history in the field of COMPUTATIONAL FLUID DYNAMIC services. The services of this company are fluid systems design, optimization, and investigation of these systems performance in various conditions. This company’s services are in these three filed: academic, research and Industrial. These services are in every engineering field including mechanic, chemistry, aerospace and etc. the software that we use, is ANSYS software including Fluent and CFX.

All of the engineers and students have worked on improvements and simulation of fluid till now, know that 60 to 80 percent of the time of a research study is relevant to finding primary and acceptable methods. And after that so, the work process takes comfortable and less challenging states. That sometimes the study will be a routine and repetitive work. And any engineer and operator can do the simulation and necessary investigation with a slight change in any parameter.

In this complex that is one of this company subsets, the aim is to reduce the solution time for engineers and students. In this way, engineers with using the solution and reference training can reduce the learning process of proficiency work. And after a short-term training, they can start the own main work that is optimizing and improving the main system. On the other hand, the mechanical, chemistry, aerospace and etc. engineers who have done an activity in one or more specialized field, can put their own project in the seller part of this site and sale their own project to earning money. In addition, the specialist engineers in the computational fluid dynamic field can have a lot of earning by creating continuous and high-quality simulations and present for sale on this site.

Actually, this company with its own services speeds up the process of industrial, academic and research analyzes, and reduces financial and time costs up to about 20 percent. And it has been able to provide a chance of earning money for CFD engineers.

The identity of the engineers and sellers have been verified, and all products of simulations are guaranteed by our company.

One of the services in this company is the introduction of a consulting engineer for specialized fields. It is clear that learning from an engineer with one proficiency is more qualitative than learning from an engineer with several experts.