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Do You Have Questions for us?

1.Products I will get after purchasing:
Purchasing any product, you can download geometry, mesh, case, data, results, and training as a tutorial file (step by step training including how to design the geometry, how to mesh, how to set up, how to solve, and how to postprocessor).

2.Free supports:
If there is any problem or question related to the file you have purchased CFD-SHOP experts would support all the problem in two weeks after buying.

3.How to continue the simulation I have purchased:
You would be able to go on the simulation (changing geometry parameters, changing boundary conditions, and doing the investigation of essential parameters, optimization, and innovation …) referring our high-quality tutorials by yourself. Also, our experienced experts always are ready to do all detailed simulations you order as an extra official contract (including project price, time span…) from Mr.CFD team. You can order your projects via info@mr-cfd.com and send a description of your simulation to be investigated by Mr.CFD experts. Project price, period, and contract terms would be informed less than 24 hours with the fair fee for the clients have already purchased the products.

4.How to reach complementary simulations (validation, grid study, optimization …):
Complementary files (validation, grid study, and investigation of essential parameters …) would be delivered as an additional official contract (including project price, time span…) by Mr.CFD team.

5.How to get more training:
If some extra training (sessions, movies, or tutorials) are needed for continuing the simulation inform us to set you a training contract (including price, time span…).

6.How I can get the files after purchasing:
The download link will be sent after buying any product, on your panel.