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Simulation of 2D stepped spillway

Stepped spillways are commonly used in reservoir dams in order to release flood safely.  The stairs of spillway increase energy dissipation greatly. Stair spillways are among the hydraulic structures which attracted great interest to the designers due to their high water capacity energy dissipation. The flow mechanism is complicated in such structures, and more research is being done about it. For this reason, more research and simulation are needed to understand the fluid flow pattern correctly.

In this analysis, two-dimensional simulation of a stepped spillway by Ansys Fluent software is presented.

Geometry and Mesh

The geometry required for this analysis was generated by Design Modeler Ansys software. The meshing required for this analysis was also generated by Ansys Meshing software. The type of meshing used in this analysis is structured. Total number of cells produced for this geometry is 110296.


In this analysis, the multiphase model has been used due to the two-phase fluctuations and the k-epsilon RNG turbulence viscosity model has been used to check the fluid flow. Also, the Standard Wall Function Model has been used near the walls.

Discretization of equations

According to the type of flow, Pressure-Based solver is used to solve the equations. Coupled algorithm is used for discretization of velocity and pressure equations. The momentum equation has been solved as Second Order Upwind.

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