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Simulation of ramjet engine system in Ansys Fluent

Ramjet engines have no moving parts and at first glance, seem like a hollow tube. They are mostly used in supersonic speeds and as a second engine. In these engines, to start the engine, first the air must reach the necessary speed; then, the jet engine automatically turns on itself. In a ramjet, air enters the engine at high speed and due to excessive speed, it is compacted in the diffuser and the temperature and pressure increase. In this case the air-fuel mixture is ignited and the engine exhaust, releasing a tremendous amount of thrust. These engines have a lot of power but not suitable for preflight and take-off. For CFD simulation of ramjets engines we need a compressible model considering the combustion. Our expert CFD engineers at Mehr Company will organize the simulations using ANSYS Fluent and CFX.

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