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What do we do?

Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) is one of the most practical filed in the branches of mechanical engineering. The main target of this field is to predict behavior fluid flow and heat transfer in nature and industrial equipment. By noticing this target, this field also is practical and necessary in various engineering filed. For example design building based on the least energy consumption (architecture engineering) and airplane shape optimization based on maximization of lift to drag coefficient, reducing pollution and increasing reaction efficiency (chemical engineering), decreasing cavitation on surface of spillways (hydraulic structure engineering), increasing power coefficient of wind turbines like VAWT and HAWT (environmental engineering) etc.
Our team has been started to work in this filed since 2007. We have done more than one thousand succeed project in various filed of engineering and fluid regimes. Our services have been presented to universities, industrial, institutes, etc.
We also provide services with appropriate fees and quality for engineering student all over the world. These projects include consulting in the thesis of Ph.D. and Ms.c student who are not experienced with ANSYS Fluent software and CFD filed and who is working on a project that is very complicated and stuck in some part of the project and does not know how to solve it.
We are here to help you solve your CFD problems. We use Design modeler and Space claim for design geometries and ANSYS meshing and ICEM for grid generation. The main solver software we use is ANSYS Fluent.
This software is the most accurate software to solve Navier-Stokes and continuity equations, etc. We have been validated various phenomena with experimental data including heat transfer, aerodynamic, multiphase flow, combustion, solidification, turbomachinery, dynamic mesh, compressible flows, mass transfer, etc.,
If you need any help in the field of Computational fluid dynamic simulation with ANSYS Fluent do not hesitate to ask us, fill the order project from here, we will investigate your project definition and be in touch with you as soon as possible.